Happy Family Day to you!

warning: my English speaking friends have asked me to post in their language from time to time. So here we are. Sorry to inflict my non edited posts, but please bear with me, I promise they won’t exceed 300 words 😛 (and it anyone volunteers to correct my English, just drop a line, would love to hear from you)


Those precious words of Mother Teresa echo deeply in me. Isn’t it true that people who feel cared for, loved and cherish will speak and feel the language of love, and will naturally teach it to their children too ?

My family is a patchwork of religions, colors, languages and places. Our Jewish roots have grown with Christian and Catholics branches. My ancestors have traveled from Spain to North Africa, their children settled down in Europe and in the States and even in Asia. My children have 2 passports, cousins in France, Switzerland, UK, Israel, US and even in Thailand and in the Philippines. Over the last years, the 4 of us have lived in Muslim countries, among Buddhists, and surrounded by Catholic churches. We call our religion Respect, Love and Compassion. We invent our graces, customize our blessings, tailor our prayers to the music of our hearts.


We passed by the Redemptorist Church a couple of days ago, and Maelle asked me who lived in this « Princess house ». I explained her that this is a house where people pray. Then she asked me why we never went there. Ahem..How can you explain a 3.5yo that Mum’s family is Jewish, Dad is protestant and that this building is actually a Catholic Church ?.. I was desperately looking for some inspiration when she declared : « you know Mum, teacher Brenda says that everybody prays ! So we should just build a bigger house, big enough for all the children we know and their families .It will be much funnier to pray all together in the same house!».

Amen to that!


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