Learn THE word that will turn you into a real Parisian



Today is Bastille Day and it makes me a little homesick… No firework in Cebu, no Cheese and wine party. I miss being surrounded by my overcomplaining fellow Frenchies, talking about life over bottles of wine, drinking real espresso, judging people by the way they dress, talk and by the books they read. I miss sarcastic people and flirting like it’s nobody’s business. I also miss being with people that are never enthusiastic about anything. Last but not least, how I miss my pains au chocolat, Ladurée Macarons, and the croissants au beurre. Well, one can’t have everything. C’est la vie !

To make me feel less isolated, I decided to treat you all with the best present ever : turn you into real Parisian in less than 3 mn. This video is the magic wand. Watch it, learn THE word, and let’s chat over a café/ pain au chocolat. Or even a petit apéro 😉


(picture credit: Magalie Foutrier)


3 thoughts on “Learn THE word that will turn you into a real Parisian

  1. Frenchie-Babes – somehow I don’t think that talking shit over bottles of wine, overcomplaining and judging people are isolated to frenchies. I would absolutely love to do it with you.;) Xxx.

    1. My Dear, you are an honorary citizen of Paris! Will proceed to the delivery of the award and make sure we have enough wine to badmouth all the people we know and beyond! Miss you X

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