Road tripping: à Paris!

road tripping

Maelle and Leandre flew before they could walk. Typical Third Culture Kids: European by birth. Raised in Sri Lanka, Thailand, and the Philippines. Fluent in 3 languages (and a fourth in the making), their accents change depending on who they’re talking to. They are very good at calculating time difference, because they have to do it every time they want to Skype with their grand parents. But they don’t know what to answer when asked « where are you from »  (well, as Mum knows better, they always say France… at least when I am around!).

Over the last 10 years, our travel map has pinned Sudan, Liberia, Afghanistan, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, India, Emirates, Cambodia, Nepal, Indonesia, Thailand, Lao PDR, Philippines and soon Japan…No wonder why I am always feeling nervous whenever a form asks me to enter a « permanent address ».

This is the typical aid worker life, one year here, two there and even though I am on sabbatical this year, I still feel my pulse racing every time I see a white 4X4.

But the adrenaline does not rush anymore when I am being asked « so, where next ? ». Call it maturity, family, roots calling, but the only place I want to travel now is France. I would love the kids to get an idea of where they are coming from, get to spend some times with their relatives in 3D, make memories they can share with their cousins. In the meantime, I will shop till I drop, savor organic cheeses (with an authentic baguette -mercy me, no more sandwich bread!) and sip Champagne en terrasse.


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