Back to life ? right after my nap!

or I like you therefore I nap!

This seat is so uncomfortable. There is too much light. The food is terrible. It is either too cold or too hot here and the Attila haven’t kept quiet for a single second since we took off. « No ! we are not there yet kiddos ! just another 15 little hours ! almost there».

This is our first day of the so called “Holidays”. The most exhausting. 17h flight in total before we reach Paris. Then another 2h on the road before Mamyvette’s house. As much as I have been looking forward to our European vacations, the mere thought of what the trip entails gives me heart palpitations and I feel all sweaty again.

I used to add to the torture by staying awake all day, forbidding myself to crash to bed before 8PM. I imposed walks in the sun to the exhausted family, drinking lots of water every single hour, anything to avoid the so desired nap.

Yes it would reduce the impact of the jet lag. But definitely not the pain I would impose to my little tribe: this healthy diet would always make me feel miserable, terribly grumpy and crabby. I tend to simply… hate people!


The only remedy that would make me bearable again is to let me nap! Yes I can proudly admit that I have reached the age when Happy Hour is a nap !

Give me a cushion and I ‘ll sleep anywhere, anytime, and wake up happy ! absolutely jet lagged, batteries flat far before diner, but all charged again for breakfast at 3AM.People would tell you I look like sh**. But my “ghost looks” is actually bliss in disguise: I can finally read when everybody is sleeping, listen to the silence while sipping my teas, wandering in pyjama all day knowing the kids are having fun with the grand parents and the cousins. I love you all, but I love my little pre-holidays too. Bless the naps!

(Initially published in July 2014. But if Recycling is good for the Earth, it can only do good to my blog too;) 


11 thoughts on “Back to life ? right after my nap!

  1. Excellent, dear Estelea! We need some time for ourselves, some silence, tea or coffee, good books, and some naps as well! Thanks for this reblog! Take care, my wonderful friend! 🙂

    1. Right 🙂 I could use a great book, a pot of mint tea and a few more degrees .. But Winnie pooh is the only book my favorite audience allows me to read for now 😛 have a lovely day my dear !

    1. Naps are my best treats, ever! But as soon as I close my bedroom’s door, it sends a signal to the Attila: time to run to Mum because all of a sudden you are fighting/starving/need to pipi in her bathroom NOW…

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