Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Café anyone? My toddlers favorite spots in Cebu

the signature dish: Da honey bread
the signature dish: Da honey bread

Who said coffee should only be sipped in silence, only with a dash of milk? Definitely not Maelle and Leandre, 5 y.o. altogether, who tested the new Korean cafés of Cebu: Take off your shoes, sharpen your crayons and follow the Attila to their new playgrounds!

Leandre’s fav: Noriter

It is the ancestor of them all. Hardly 1 year old and already widely copied. A kids (and teenagers) paradise: the Attila loved exploring the little cubicles, lying comfortably on the multicolored cushions and let their pens wander on the post-it that would mark forever their visit in the café.  Leandre shared his Bday honey bread with a teddy bear as tall as him while Maelle was sipping her (terribly too sweet !) strawberry smoothie.

b2014-07Noriter decorsmaellepink

2014-07rules2014-07-29 16.28.13

Parents plus : the place is not too big, the staff adorable. I too could have my coffee while keeping Leandre at eyesight. A premiere!

Café Tiala: Maelle’s new kingdom

Everything is pink and white in this lovely Princess House. Maelle was personally welcomed by the maid of the place and she could select her favorite booth. She loved the precious little details: the heart shaped rice, the snake like sushi, the frog bowl. And last but not least, the best treat of all: she could dress up like a real princess!

photo 2photo 3

photo 3photo 2

Parents plus : the food is really good and healthy (contrary to all the other Korean cafés we tried), ramen and sushis are delicious and they even serve teas and juices!

The all time fav : Namoo café

Now we are talking big playground ! The Attila could play piano, run and jump in a sea of balloons, wear the funkiest wings, hats, glasses.

we finally found our glimpse of Paris in Cebu !!! (guess it’s a girl thing)






Parents plus: as always, super staff, and so much to play with that the kids won’t get bored! Slightly tired, eventually, but not bored 😉

2014-08Maelledodo22014-08 Leandredodo





Korean cafés are booming in Cebu. Their only minus is their menu. Too much sugar is really nauseous, I am sure kids love water and fresh fruit juices too !


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