A pinch of salty ying in my chocolate yang: Côte d’Or, I love you!



I will always remember the first time I met with the Chocolate of my life.  I had just returned from an exhausting humanitarian mission in Sudan. Those last months had taken a toll on my health and on my spirits, and as much as I was looking forward to catching up with my adorable brother, I was desperately longing for my dreamed bed and its so comfy duvet.

Julien knows me like nobody else. When he offered me the red and brown parcel, I knew the bed could wait. The elephant on the box proudly trumpeted “milk chocolate with salted and caramelized almonds”. It was not love at first sight, but definitely at first taste: when the friction of salty almonds winded over the ocean of milk chocolate. A slow motion sensation, combined with the silence of my complete awe, had me wondering whether I had entered a different world.

tablette  blocco

Every single bite is a taste of Heaven. And because the Gods are generous, they made the squares as blocs, perfectly sized for chocolate lovers.

I traveled a lot since my first encounter with “Cote d’Or Milk Chocolate with salted and caramelized almonds” and met lots of other Chocolates along the way. But this one remains My Special One. It is true that love never dies. It only gets stronger with times. Can’t believe it is still legal!


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