Anybody called a nurse?


How do you take your coffee? Each and every client of this Korean café will tell you the same « with My Phone !!! »

Welcome to the Kingdom of Selfies and post it. The aim is to get your picture on the wall, and make sure you get your post it taped where people can’t miss it. No need to bother having a real conversation, just take the pose, say cheese, et voilà!

anybody have plans to stare at their phone somewhere exciting this WE?

I wandered along those walls of fame and took a few pictures of the post-it, food for inspiration. This is how I met with the Nurse :


No stolen picture here, Shiela and her fellow selfies addicts are offering you their best looks. It simply means « do you want to be my friend ? »  Next line is usually« Then follow me on Instagram, facebook, twitter .. »

Nah, just another little cultural shock. As much as I love discovering other cultures, they sometimes make me miss mine.

For sure, such a board would be a youngsters repellent here:


 But it is still my favorite ever (am I getting old ???)


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