Hand-me-down do cheer me up!

Shakespeare and Company


Wandering in second hand shops has always been my antidote to stress. I feel like a treasure hunter, completely forget about the external world and lose all track of time. Back home in Paris, the Shakespeare company and the San Francisco Book Company are my refuges, my little heavens. Whenever I feel a bit down, in need of some sign, their alleys of dusty books would open their arms to me; I would lose myself in those forests, and find myself there too.

Those old books have a personal story: they have lived, been loved and looked after. They have traveled and felt the world. And among all those veterans, I know that one in particular will come to me.

San Francisco Book Company
San Francisco Book Company

Its cover will smile at me, or will stand out of a pile. It will be the best hidden, or just at my eyes level. It can take a while before I discover it, but when I’ll hold it, I’ll feel the special connection right away. Him and I are going to spend a sweet time together.

The book will travel with me anywhere. I’ll care for it and never ever corn one of its page. When time will come to say farewell, I’ll place it gently on the table of my favorite Café, or maybe on the seat of a train or a plane. I know it won’t take long before it meets another dreamer…


2 thoughts on “Hand-me-down do cheer me up!

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words :)) really appreciate! All the very very best to you and keep it up with the great blog!

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