I only went out for a walk…



The cold air tickles my nose and ears. The sun is my sweetest pashmina, caressing my face and arms. My soul welcomes the forest’s unique flagrance where leaves and nuts fall onto the humid earth. I can feel my heart smiling on every breath I take.

I only went out for a walk and time has stopped. The centenarian trees get the perspectives right. See me, see them. Who is in charge?

Forests have always been my playground. I grew up in the historical city of Fontainebleau, kingdom of kings and emperors. If those trees would talk, they would picture dramatic hunting games, Napoleon’s most intimate dramas, but also some juicy gossips of the Court…

I only went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in.


11 thoughts on “I only went out for a walk…

    1. Thanks a lot :), as much as I appreciate the 30degrees here, I am always a little homesick in Autumn. Btw, your great picts of Toscane don’t help 😉

      1. I can imagine! I know what homesick means, when I lived in England, I even missed the smell of Provence, I swear! Sorry to make you more nostalgic with my pictures x

      2. Hehehe, keep it up with the nice Picts, I m actually preparing our trip in Europe, definitely inspiring 🙂

  1. Oh ma bellifontaine en exil…je t’envoie des fragrances dénoter belle forêt.magnifique en ce moment avec ces ors resplendissants,et une température juste idéale pour les randos.xxxxx

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