Mercy me, Cebuano Karaoké !!!

mercy me!

You try as hard as you can to cover your ears to keep a little safe from this hellish noise. Grab the pillows. Dig under the covers. Useless.

You are all bloody puffy eyes, highly tensed muscles, terrribly pissed. Hang over ? if only !

« Gooooood mooooorning lazy bones ! karaoke worse singers ever are out !!! » : the 6 AM Sunday routine in Cebu.

It is 0630 and the kids are obviously awake now. As grumpy as their parents.

Cebuanos, as much as I appreciate the hospitality and love your island, your WE karaoke is pure torture to all my senses. I could carry on in French here, but this blog is family friendly so I will just leave the floor the other expats who happened to experience the same feeling today.

Here are some selected pieces all fresh from the Facebook Expat group. Reproduction is not (always) endorsement 😉

Sunday prompt :


An ear for an ear (only ends up making the whole city deaf !)

one ear for an ear

been there1If only we could have some musical tastes in common (or experiencing culture shock):

getting worse?Attempts to explain the context:

no better

Karaoke Pic5

And finally, one voice to offer a durable solution: compromise!


Good to remember that in spite of the occasional disagreements and pains in the neck (of course Cebu is not Zurich, there is still noise after 8PM and the streets are not as clean!), we are all here for a reason: it is more convenient than home! At the end of the day, I should remember that when the Attila are singing, shouting and jumping like possessed monkeys, none of my Cebuano neighbor is knocking at my door. Strangely enough, after 6 months in the country, they are still known as the Guapitos! Cebu is lively, bear with it, forget about any inhibition and siiiiiiing like if you were in your shower. You may won’t have the chance to practice so loudly anywhere else in the world 🙂


7 thoughts on “Mercy me, Cebuano Karaoké !!!

  1. I would not disagree with your comments nor with the other expats comments because I also experience the same in our neighborhood, I complain and I am Filipino … I had similar experience in other countries and sometime it doesn’t start early morning but last night and as it became late the volume gets louder and similarly it’s all noise because the voices are bad plus the amplifiers, mike and songs are worst and of course I can’t understand them.
    Good luck with your neighbors … normally if you talk to them they will listen and later you can join in the fiesta!

    1. Thanks for the support Dee, I appreciate 😉 We are living on top of a hill, so the karaoke from very down bellow echoes up to our place. Maybe a reason why it is raining so hard here? 😉 so true what you write about the volume getting louder and louder, as to make sure no one would have the stupid idea of falling asleep in the midst of the party. I am wondering why no one has created mega earplugs, karaokeproof. I am sure it would be a hit here! Have a sweet day and thanks again for making me feel normal!

      1. Thanks for following my blog 🙂
        I’m doing the opposite of yours — my life as an expat a decade before 🙂

  2. It’s not just an expat problem, some locals find it a problem as well. My parents live in a subdivision but our house is located at the wall boundaries so our next door neighbors, every Saturday or Sunday morning, karaoke to their hearts content, with no care in the world whether they could carry a tune or not. I don’t know what’s worse, the Saturday barangay fiestas where disco music is played full blast or the early Sunday morning karaoke family sessions… I guess I got used to it growing up. Now, when we visit Cebu, it bothers me specially when it wakes me up as I am not a morning person at all, but then I just shrug it off and take it as an opportunity to spend more quality time with my family and our dogs.

    I am just browsing through your wonderful posts right now, so don’t be surprised if I comment on old stories of yours. 🙂

    1. I adore your comments, thanks 🙂 You make me understand my surroundings better!
      Strangely enough, I got used to the karaoke, that’s part of the package right? The other day, I was chatting with a cab driver, and told him that back home if people were playing music so loud after 10PM, the police would come in. He felt so sorry for me, you have no idea. He made me laugh when he said, full of compassion “so sorry you have a curfew. You must be so happy to live here now, and party all night, right?”. Heu.. I guess!

      But I have never been to any country where a jeepney driver can have the loudest cheesy music ever, dozens of passengers who could hardly move a finger.. but still able to laugh and sing out louder than the music. Me and the Attilas included! Coz All of me Loves All of you.. THE hit we know by heart just by the karaoke downstairs and the taxi and jeepney drivers 😉

      1. Brings back fond memories! haha… so, they’re not playing “Thinking Out Loud” yet? And have you heard the tricycle drivers too? They’re as bad as the jeepney drivers. I remember in high school we liked to ride the jeepneys with the loudest speakers! 😛

        Anyway, check out this guy’s blog. He is Canadian but he loves the Philippines so much he created a hashtag #becomingfilipino. He frequents Cebu, mostly stays in Cagayan and goes around the country spreading happiness. You’ll like him.

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