Must watch: “Not in My Name”

This blog does not do politics nor anything that would be conflict related. I spent enough years working in war affected countries to know better than judging partisans to a cause or any religious people.

In addition, I am Jewish. So I know what it takes to be judged on your religion. How many times did I hear ” You Jewish people are killing Palestinians”, “You Jewish people have elected a fascist government”… How many times was I pissed that so many people were talking in my name!

Today I’ll make the exception to the rule to share the great social media campaign started by British Muslims who don’t want their religion to be hijacked by a group of bloody terrorists. Even though our religions are different, I can totally relate to their feelings. I do feel for their cause and I know, for having worked in many Muslim countries, that the kind of extremism portrayed by ISIS is a dramatic satire. The “Muslim hospitality” is not a legend, I have the best memories of Ramadan’s nights in Sudan and Niger, learning how to properly wear a Shayla in Bangladesh , shopping for Pheran in Kashmir.. Our planet would be so much more peaceful if extremists stopped speaking in the names of religions, and remember that the purpose of religion is to control Yourself, not to criticize others!

Keep it up dear brothers and sisters, peace be with you 🙂



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