Parisian words of wisdom to my little one

Not even 4 yet and so conscious of her looks! She looks as she already understood that Style is an attitude (must be the Parisian influence of her Mum 😉



8 thoughts on “Parisian words of wisdom to my little one

    1. Thanks ! the clothes do make the (wo)man here! just need a Princess dress and she’ll pretend she’s one. Too bad it never lasts a whole day 😉

      1. that’s what i like about playing dress up with kids too. it’s fun watching them play pretend to be someone else and come up with all these random scenes and stories on the spot. it’s a fun way of expressing their creativity. you must have a lot of fun doing that with your little one.

      2. Exactly! Oh I do, I must admit I don’t mind the whole sparkles and girlish stuff. In a few months, we had to call her Princess Anna, Queen Elsa. Then she watched Peter Pan and obviously would only answer to Wendy. Those kind of funky stories you can only make up when you are a toddler (or already senile 😉 We are heading to Seoul for her Bday next week, we already selected a bunch of Cafés where she’ll have a blast, dressed as a Princess … Stay tuned 😉

      3. oh, i sure will, alright! can’t wait to see what you have cooking for her. whatever it is, i’m sure it’s something she will remember when she grows up. hopefully, it would be something she would pass on to her own kids in the future too. (although it’s too early to think of that right now, yeah? hehe.)

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