Sign of pure Love

Sometimes when I need a miracle, I look into my daughter’s eyes and I realize I have already created one


Happy Birthday ma Princesse !

Thanks for all the precious moments, the big laughs and even the invading grey hairs you are giving me each and every single day. According to your grand ma’, you and I are just the same, and true to it, how many times did I catch myself punishing you for acting exactly like me.. It is all work in progress and I am doing my best to being the awesome Mum you deserve, just bear with me dynamitita 😛

Thanks for all our girly times: to more tea parties, hugs, bed times stories, tickling times, secrets topped with Nutella, princess dresses and pixie dusts! I Love you so much Amorcita, I may not be perfect at all, but when at look at you and your brother, I know that I got something in my life perfectly right 🙂

Jusqu’à 120 ans!

Maman (and thanks for making me so proud of this signature!)


19 thoughts on “Sign of pure Love

  1. Estelea this is a sign that the world is smaller than we think, especially with the World Wide Web in our homes in seconds. Cebu is the home of my family. Cute children.
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving loving wishes 💞

    1. Thanks for the kind wishes 🙂 At least it is good that we realize it! My Mum used to tell me, when I was a little too hyper, that she would never ever wish me anything bad, but just a daughter just like me… Karma.. Karma…

  2. Oh, she’s a beauty!! Happy birthday and I love your post – it’s definitely from the heart ❤ We're all works in progress! As much as we try to teach our kids to be better, we have to remember to forgive ourselves as much as we forgive them when we're not the best version of ourselves as we want to be 🙂 I read the best article about winning our kids hearts – I think you'll like it ❤

  3. Oh warmest birthday wishes to your adorable daughter. My mother tells me that my (now 25 year old) daughter is very much like I was – I pretend I don’t see that 🙂

  4. She is gorgeous! Every mother in the universe battles guilt. And every mother wishes a daughter just like hers on her daughter. I know I did. Sadly she only has two good sons 😀

    1. Guess the advantage with 2 sons is that you must be far fittest 😛 My son is my cardio! Can not win his heart with sparkles and cupcakes…

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