1rst homework of my blogging class: getting a bit organized!

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First day of official unemployment = back to school! the privilege of aging is that I am free to select my courses and go only for the ones I feel passionated about.

Blogging201 is actually my second training with the great team of professional bloggers of wordpress, and their tips and advices have always been so useful and pertinent, I could not miss another chance to learn from them and from the awesome community of participating bloggers.

Today’s assignment is to consider what I want to accomplish with my blog. Write down three concrete goals I want to achieve. 

my kind of office…

I actually have this feeling, sometimes, that a bit of organization wouldn’t harm. I am the kind of person who tend to believe that tidy rooms= tiny minds (probably a little influenced by my kids).

I just let my ideas guide me, no real plan, no clearly defined strategy, playing it by ear and heart…

But sometimes, usually at the end of a project, I feel the urgent need to tide up everything, turning into an OCD, almost disinfecting every corner of my desk, room, apartment, almost the kids and the hubby if they happen to be around ! I set up clear planning, agendas, and stick to the rules. For a while.

So thanks Michelle for offering the chance to finally do the groundwork with my blog. As a good procrastinator, I had promised myself to get organized once I ll have 100 followers… but maybe a bit of order will attract the 7 missing 😉

Anyhow, here is what I want to accomplish with my blog :

  • I blog to connect with others. To create of community of people with the same range of interests, from any view. I love being a Mum, traveling, exploring, feeling inspired and being surrounded with positive people. I have spent a decade working as an aid worker, and I am still passionated about advocacy and social issues. My sections should reflect that, so I will order them : expat life (little cultural clashes), inspiring Monday (series of pictures I am starting..today!), Cebu (where we are now posted), exploring the neighborhood, My 2 cents Worth (reactions, things I want to share, pieces of opinion..)

    getting there...
    getting better…
  • I blog to write : I have always enjoyed Reading and writing short stories. I am definitely not a writer and not pretend to become one, but I am looking for bloggers who are. Thanks a post a day for the great source of inspiration!

I can already see my desk turning a little neater..So last and not least, my pledge for the next 3 months :

  • post 3 times a week
  • spend 2h a week commenting on my followers’ blogs and others
  • establish a new weekly feature on my blog by October 29th (Wordless Wednesdays), and publish that feature each week through March 25th.
  • create an editorial calendar for the next 3 months starting ..today !

What’s yours? 🙂


13 thoughts on “1rst homework of my blogging class: getting a bit organized!

  1. It’s good to see a procrastinating blogger mum – to show me it’s not just me. 😉 I can help you increased the number of your followers by one. 🙂 I hope you’ll follow my blog too, and look forward to reading your posts in my Reader. And see you around on the Blogging 201 ‘wall’!

  2. I love your idea of Wordless Wednesdays and your new blog sections. I always have trouble categorizing blog posts, so maybe this is an area I should work on. Thanks for the inspiration and good luck on achieving those goals!

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