Inspiring vocation?

afficheukuleleIn my quest for unique Christmas presents 100% Cebuano, I recently interviewed the inspiring founder of Huni Ukuleles. Maelle insisted on coming with me, as she “can ask questions too!”. Fair enough I thought, might be inspiring a vocation here? … After I asked the first two questions, she raised her little finger.

Me (sooo proud): yes Maelle, you have a question?
Maelle: does he have an Ipad so I can watch Mickey Mouse?


5 thoughts on “Inspiring vocation?

    1. Hehehe, so sweet 🙂 understandable though, when he sees you posting beautiful pictures and working on the lay out, which kind of work is that? 😉 at least if he sees work as a cartoon of Mickey, won’t be hard to motivate him to go to school !

  1. Your little boy got me thinking… Do you think he would be interested in partnering with you for a post on the toddlers’ friendly gateways around Cebu or in PH? I am obviously following yours, he could maybe pick up his favorite, and we ‘ll super gladly follow all his tips 😉 Hope it would not destroy his great definition of Work though 😉

  2. And if you want to post as a guest blogger on my blog on this topic, you would be most welcome 😉 Have a sweet WE!

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