Let’s all get together to start the week off right!

2014-10-28 13.59.42I have become hooked to the Blogging 201 class! It’s fascinating all the people you could meet online, the communities you can join, the network of friends you can actually create! I had no idea that my little blog would take me so far, merci merci merci fellow bloggers!

Since I started the class, I finally welcomed my 100th follower (thanks Jen!), got the chance to discover very inspiring bloggers, notably from Holland, Thailand, India, New Zealand and I have become a fan of the twisted sense of humor of a Boston’s girl “working to find happiness”. I admire Wendy’s passion for words, her love for literature. I am discovering unique ways to travel, to venture in libraries, to appreciate different angles when I take pictures.. I love the stimulation, the exploration, even though they are keeping me awake a bit too long at night.

Thanks to you all, there is no “boring Monday”anymore 🙂 To spread the inspiration and the positive vibes, how about starting the week off right with an “Inspiring Monday” post? It could be a picture, a quote, a short story. Only criteria: it has to be positive, fun, inspirational and as smily as a “wish you a beautiful week, sweetie!”. What do you think? Want to join?


27 thoughts on “Let’s all get together to start the week off right!

    1. It is! I love the energy of this course and all the great exchanges 🙂 Wanna keep it up and join the “Inspiring Monday”? ….

      1. Top top top! will give you all the infos as soon as I get them, still under review by WordPress… So looking forward to it, thanks for joining!

      1. Wonderful. I submitted one to rhem today as well and will post it afterwards. It is going to be about Ancient proverbs that crossed cultures. Good luck to us! Hope ghey approve it, but we can fo it anyways outside their listing, right?

      2. I like your idea very much! Keep me posted too! I think we could find a way to make it happen with or without their listing, just need to figure out .. How! I m sure they will love our ideas though, how could they not ?;)

    1. Thanks for your kind words and the following and welcome to the blogosphère ! 🙂 you ll find so many beautiful ways to get inspired here. My 2 cents worth, you could also be proactive in searching for inspiring stories by re-posting the ones you like from other bloggers. I really like the one you posted about the taxi driver btw 🙂 keep it up!

    1. Bravo! 🙂 Haven’t heard from WordPress yet, but I guess we can still do it using the #inspiringmonday . I guess it should work for now. Looking forward to see your post!

      1. i’m linking it to a new feature i just launched about travel. but we need to be able to link it to your challenge page so we drive traffic to you too. or at the very least, leave it in the comment section of your challenge post? if you’re too busy to push through tomorrow– we can do it next monday too. let us know.

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