6 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Style me Seoulistic!

    1. It is a girls/women’s paradise: All the shopping you can do (far cheaper than anything I could ever find in Paris), the pictures you can take, the awesome food you can eat …Sometimes I would just sip my coffee and look at the passer-by. Everything is so aesthetic, quiet and clean. And those colors…

    1. Oh Lucky you! I felt in love with this city, completely! were you working there or were you on holidays? did you move around Seoul too?
      Btw, your blog is beautiful! Me incanta muchissimo 🙂

      1. I studied one semester there 🙂 me too! well i actually didn’t go to another city in Korea! But travelled a bit around Asia. Muchas gracias!

      2. I am sure there is enough to experience in Seoul to keep you busy for a semester 🙂 considering trying the ski season over there, maybe late Jan if it is not too cold (after 6 years in Asia, my tolerance to cold is pretty limited 😉 Suerte en Europa !

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