Let’s connect on Facebook !

likersAfter hours and hours of brainstorming, I have finally decided to follow Michelle’s advices on Blogging201 and give Facebook a try.

Dear Fellow Bloggers, I am personally welcoming you all to my French Touch in Cebu on Facebook. Feel free to Like, suggest, critic and share your best ones . The more the merrier 🙂


20 thoughts on “Let’s connect on Facebook !

  1. i’m new to facebook myself (my friend set it up for me for whatever good it would do for my blog). the way i see it, one of the main advantages of having a facebook page is that my family and friends immediately get updates of my posts. which may or may not be a good thing. lol.

  2. Hello, I “liked” your facebook page. Looks good! I don’t know if you were in the Blogging 201, but we were asked to consider working with other bloggers on guest posting. I am setting up a guest post page on Ex-pats living abroad (something I am interested in someday). Would you be interested? No pressure and no hurry. Let me know and I will be in touch 🙂

  3. Awesome! I have a page for my blog on FB as I wanted to have it be somewhat separate from my personal life. So my friends and family actually get my posts twice … However I don’t think that is too bad given the amount of posts on there, things get lost all the time. Going to go like your page now 🙂

      1. You ll have a long life, as we say back home! Just clicked on your facebook link when I got your message. Hypersynchronicity 🙂

  4. Wow, for someone very new to Facebook, you have a lot of posts and photos already. Great page. You have excellent visual and graphic design instincts.

    I see that you are using your children’s real names, and posting photos of them. I encourage you to take a few precautions with regard to that. Specifically, strip the metadata from your photos of them and their friends, especially the geotagging information. Were it me, I’d give them online pseudonyms, too. And be very careful what photos you share, especially where there is exposed skin. I realize this sounds alarmist, but photo metadata can be used unscrupulously.

    1. Thanks a lot Wendy for the precious tips. I hadn’t even thought about it, so used to FB all private that I have to bear in mind that this one page is public! Made some changes already, but can you tell me how to strip the metadata from my picts?

  5. Same here, I have just recently made my Facebook page for the blog where 99% are my friends and family. And I am also wondering if it’s a good thing or not. Because blogging has been my escape from the people who know me. However, I am also thinking that it’s about time to share what are really in my thoughts and new supporters of blog will also be helpful to me.

    So, to avoid annoying my family and friends for duplicate posts, i only post personal stuff on my own profile while the other FB page is for posts about my blog and thoughts that I have for the public.

    1. yes, that’s what I plan to do too eventually. I am not so comfy with the idea of having a public page, my FB profile is so restricted, it is really a soft opening. I am considering to use it to promote the stuff that is more pertinent to Cebu and the neighborhood too, to anchor it more locally. Let’s see where it will take me… Good luck with yours, send me a link to your page 🙂

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