Healthy, tasty and Lechonfree: welcome to Juicyfied, tested and approved by Ms Attila

Behing Ms Attila, Pauline and her red team

In the midst of all the super sweet and carbs loaded Korean cafés blooming in Cebu, I found a pure gem! A real, unique, special one!

I dreamt it, Pauline did it: an organic little restaurant, with real fruit juices, and delectable low calorie meals! Wait wait wait, I can see your eyebrow raising, but organic does not have to be boring nor come with dreadlocks or piercings. Open the door of Juicyfied and I bet it will only take you a sip of Pauline’s pure juices to convert to the healthy cause.

The signature of Juicyfied is in (guess what).. their juices! The menu offers some 22 varieties all made exclusively of fruits and vegetables. No sugar, no water. Not even the usual trick of serving it in a glass full of ice cubes.


Not sure about what to order? Pauline is not only the owner and the manager of the place. She created every single juice, each meal of the menu.

Juicyfied is more than a job to her, it is almost a calling: To fight the diabetic history that casted a spell on her family, she has been working hard to convince them to change their diet.

“I had to convince myself first, and being a Cebuana, it took some time to get ride of my…Filipino habits” !” she says in a smile“But the more I learnt, the more I became absolutely convinced of the special nutritional power of fruits and vegetables. They are such an incredible source of vitamins, minerals and fibers.Get to know them and you will know how to heal and restore balance”.

Her Mum was her first guinea pig consumer. I could picture the alchemist daughter and her patient Mum chugging on their bubbly greenish potion and I again realized how far unconditional love can take you. 😉

After testing, mixing, adding a spoon of lemon here and a pinch of cucumber there, Pauline had become an authority in Juice making. Her juices became so famous that she opened an online store, and success went far beyond her expectations. She did not change her ways though: she would deliver the juices herself, asked her clients for their opinions and suggestions, so she could keep on improving her delicious cocktails.

Pauline is living her passion, and she loves to share it. With her medical background combined with her studies in culinary , she could only do good in the kitchen as well.

Iamii Quinoa with herbed chicken, tuna mango in whole wheat tortilla wrap.
taste and quality at very affordable prices. Nothing above 195P!

The menu of Juicyfied is simple enough to tame even Ms Attila, whose mango roll disappeared in a a blink of an eye. Great food, great people, great movie. What else?


Definitely approved!getjuicyfiedl

More here ! Bon Appetit 🙂


7 thoughts on “Healthy, tasty and Lechonfree: welcome to Juicyfied, tested and approved by Ms Attila

    1. And it tastes as awesome at it looks! All her cocktails look like magic potions, and she is so knowledgeable that at the end of the lunch you feel not only healthy and super light, but even intelligent 😉

  1. Tout a l’air parfait, et délicieux j’imagine.mais je crois qu’avec une si jolie consommatrice c’est gagné d’avance! !

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