Never underestimate the power of local knowledge !

Fellow travelers, explorers, expats, this one is made for us. Thanks to my great teacher on Advertising and Society for sharing this hilarious video of HSBC:

I laughed so hard at their illustration of the French “carefree approach”, and recognized me in the poor lad who traveled to South America, but wait and see the ad number 6 about the dining etiquette in China, this one is my favorite. It is also what happened to me in India actually, when I had to eat something too weird to be describable. I thought the fasted I would finish it, the easier I could get away. Nananananan…It took me a couple of plates before I finally dared to say “I can’t have more, really, I am full!”. I ended up with a doggie bag, safest option!

In Paris, when you are invited for diner, it is normal to be a good 15 minutes late. We blame it on the traffic/time to find a parking place. We actually consider it polite, a way not to put your hosts under pressure (unless they expressly told you to be on time because they made a soufflé). My Swiss husband can’t get this one, so I have to find excuses to at least be 10mn late when we visit my French friends. To me, guests who arrive at 8 sharp are either starving/so bored at home. I know it is weird, but I guess it is cultural .. With Marcel’s Swiss buddies, not only we are eating super early, but we also have to be exactly on time. Not the same definition of rudeness .. You don’t have to travel far to experience some cultural clashes, only takes me 3h by train..

Enjoy the video and please share your best anecdotes 🙂


15 thoughts on “Never underestimate the power of local knowledge !

  1. Well, the Swiss are famous for their clocks, after all, so I’m not surprised to hear Marcel’s buddies appreciate punctuality. And the French gave us the expression “laissez-faire”, so I’m not surprised they also appreciate “fashionably late”.

    Good tips about eating in China, and driving in France!

  2. 😉 You are right! the reputation does not lie, it’s all true. The great tip to me was about golfing in Japan. Given my level, it would be great if I could persuade great players to join their game. All the presents I would collect…

    1. No worries, was not the best. I just need to think about this poor lad with the Chinese to cheer me up 😀 which one did you prefer?

      1. Next time I go to Japan, I ll make sure I make friend with good golfers. I am sure to win… all the presents!
        The one with the French driver was great too. I wondered for a minute if it was my Dad actually. Seriously.

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