Waiting for the White Rabbit..

Tea Room,Bangkok,2013
Tea Room,Bangkok,2013

I had forgotten my keys and was wandering in the neighborhood when I found this hidden tiny Tea Room. As usual, I would take a book out my bag and plunge into it, completely disconnecting myself from the rest of my fellow humans. When I surfaced to the Real world again, this is what I saw. For a couple of seconds, I really wondered where I had landed. I held my breath, as if it could hold the magic of the moment too. It all seemed so precious and magical.


6 thoughts on “Waiting for the White Rabbit..

    1. Sukhumvit soi 24 🙂 almost at the end of the soi but still a good 5 mn before Starbucks.if you come by BTS, prompong, 5m after the marriott, left . Hope it makes sense ,,,

      1. ohhh wait was this at Vieng Joom On?? the pink tea house on the first floor of emporio condo? if it is, i’ve been there once! but it’s gone now! hahaha

      2. Oh really? There was a guitar shop just above if I remember well. Same place? Well, if so the lesson is Carpe Diem 😉

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