Coming Soon in Cebu : “Tour Americana” directed by Ka Bino Guerrero


Filipino colonial history is often sum up as “300 years in a convent, 50 years in Hollywood”. As I am definitely more into the glamorous stuff, I could not refuse the chance to sneak into the ultimate rehearsal of Ka Bino new guided tour: “Tour Americana”!

Ladies and Gentlemen, take a seat in the time travel machine, watch, listen and learn!ridelr

Like in any great Hollywood movie, you’ll meet with fascinating heroes, such as José Rizal and Sergio Osmena. You could even get a glimpse of Dwight Eisenhower and Mc Arthur among the guest stars.

The story  guided tour is about the men who participated to the awakening of the Philippines in general and Cebu in particular.It is made of political destinies, national heroism, idealism, generosity and even a pitch of some scandalous love story in the time of cholera (Hollywood needs its drama!).

You’ll witness the birth of a town, the rise of a country that finally left the convent for the university. The proud nationalism of Cebuanos in flamboyant jeepneys.
I bet that you will look differently at the Cebu Provincial Capitole, Osmena Boulevard and the Fuente Osmena once Ka Bino will reveal you their stories…

Ka Bino is not one of those guide who sounds like an encyclopedia. He reminded me of The history teacher I had in high school, who managed to keep all his students fascinated by his courses, at 8 in the morning. One of those gifted teachers able to share their passion in the most natural and engaging ways.

Like in any great Hollywood movie, the tour has a happy end: The American values did not leave with the Americans: “America is still in the heart of every Filipino, concludes Ka Bino. We are still carrying the American dream”. Freedom, equality, and for all citizens the opportunity to achieve their goals if only they work hard enough.

The guided “Tour Americana” will start next January. Stay tuned…



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