Photo101: Mason Temples in Harper

Today’s theme : Study architectural forms, and also train your eye to look for shots that will translate well in black and white.

I was deployed in Harper – Liberia in 2007, a few years after the war. Today’s exercise is another evidence that a place can mean sadness or hope, given the color of the glasses you are choosing to wear…

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8 thoughts on “Photo101: Mason Temples in Harper

    1. Thanks a lot Andy 🙂 This country is incredibly photogenic, there is so much to write and report about. But in Harper especially, the most impressive were not only the gigantic Mason Temples, but the silence surrounding those places…

      1. You read my mind totally! This is exactly how I am in feeling in those places ! I can stay there for ages, so boring for the people who are traveling with me that I turned into a lonesome explorer when it comes to this kind of place 😉

      2. ha ha ha………seems we are soul sisters on that one 😉 My husband and daughter avoid accompanying me on such trips.

  1. wow the difference throught he window of the colour and black and white seems to tell such a different story in the colour i got distracted by the lush vegetation outside but in the black and white one concentrates on the bleak room inside and wonders what happened in there x

    1. exactly! in the BW, it is like everything is holding you back to the terrible past. The colored one seems much more focused on the future to me, the colors change the focus and make it more optimistic; My 2 cents 😉 thanks a lot for stopping by!

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