The Golden Key to the Palace of Kings and Emperors


Was I just being talking to an elf?

I don’t even dare opening my fist. When I finally do, I can finally breath again : the Golden key of the castle is here ! The castle is mine till dawn!!!

The Palace of Fontainebleau has always excited my imagination. chateau de Fontainebleau It resonates with warm memories from my childhood, playing hide and seek in its park, eating an ice cream on a rowing boat, wandering among its statutes and smelling the sweet flagrance of its exotic flowers. Growing up, I would spend hours meandering in its galleries and apartments. I would totally lose track of time in the bedrooms of the Kings and the Emperors. What would they read? What would they look like in the morning? I so wanted to sit down on Napoleon’s bed, just for a minute! What’s in those cupboards?

If only I could stay here a bit longer than the usual visiting times. Most of all, if only I could go beyond this stupid red ribbon..

Tonight I can! The Golden Key is mine!” Just thinking of my next step made my head spin..

I am heading straight to Heaven: the library of Napoleon Bonaparte!

The silence is deafening. The sweet perfume of old books, with a glimpse of wood, is intoxicating.  From the severe chairs, the secretive books, to the soft sofa to and the austere office, every single inch of the room seem to be wrapped in sacred.

Isn’t it ironic to think that the most powerful men who have tread upon the bloodiest battlefields have been outlived by.. furnitures!

So many books. I know Napoleon only slept 3 to 4h a night, but did he read them all? What would have been his favorite? I close my eyes, spin around and took the one my finger is pointing. My pashmina will protect him until we reach our own private library…


I have always been intrigued by “Le Pavillon de l’Etang” (Pond Pavillon). It appears to float on the water and is only accessible by boat. The guides will tell you that it was enjoyed by several sovereigns during private events and dinners for its extraordinary view of the château. They will insist on “private”, with a smile that would say it all. End of the story. I had browsed frantically on the web to find pictures of the interior of the Pavillon. Nothing. It is said to be in dire needs of restoration. But tonight, tonight only, the golden key will open its holy doors!

I could not guess it would take me so long to maneuver the rowing boat. It seemed so easy when I was the one sunbathing. The daybreak is already painting the waters. I am rowing harder and faster, and the Pavilion seems to come closer.

But in a fraction of seconds, I am sent back to the bank. The elf calls my name, pointing at the empty palm of his hand.

Too bad, so closed! But a deal is a deal, I give back him the Golden key. The adrenalin gone, I can feel the early morning chills itching my noise.As I dig into my bag to get my pashmina, my heart suddenly stops: the book is here! I religiously take it out and blow away its dusts. It title says “the secrets of the Pond Pavilion”. I sit down against on a bank overlooking the Pavilion and open the book. Dear Pavilion, I am all ears!Banc


10 thoughts on “The Golden Key to the Palace of Kings and Emperors

    1. This is one of my dreams! easier than the Big One, which would be to be able to time travel 😉 Imagine if for even 1 h, we could enter all the rooms of one of those ancestral castle, sit on the beds of Kings, have tea in their living room .. Just to feel how it was back then, I would come back with dozens of (sweet) ghost stories 😉 Have a sweet week and thanks for stopping by!

    1. Thanks dear! They say that when you ask for it before you fall asleep, you should get it … for the night dream at least 😉

  1. I think somewhere mid way reading your blog I forgot I was in office… I am pretty sure I am going to dream about being here tonight. A brilliant piece of writing!

    1. Waou, thanks so much for this beautiful compliment ❤ Means a lot to me, especially as English is my second language, again big big thanks, you made my evening 😉

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