Fujinoya…Miiii!!! You saved our week!!!


I am still mourning my beloved DeLonghi, and as lovely as I can be, you don’t want to cross path with me before my coffee. I am not a coffee addict, and I can not drink any café for the sake of getting my adrenaline rush. Quality far far above quantity. One a day is enough, but it has to be per-fect.

My family too has been suffering from the loss of my Coffee machine: I tend to be a little impatient/boring/grumpy… This was before the Great News:

Fujinoya, the awesomely delicious Japanese fusion resto by JY (Wilson St.) did it: they opened for Breakfast!!! The best Café I could dream about is just a step away from my house! And trust me, if I say Best, I mean it. If you have a chance to chat Barista with Carlostito Gothong, the brilliant manager of the place, you’ll get my point. He is a Real Cafe lover, he knows his stuff and his passion is contagious. You love coffee? another reason why you’ll adore Fujinoya!

See my happy face? so is my family now, happy me, happy them : )

And last but not least… Icing on their exquisite chocolate cakes: 50% on your hot coffee refill 🙂

Have a sweet day!


10 thoughts on “Fujinoya…Miiii!!! You saved our week!!!

  1. You mean impatient and grumpy has nothing to do with you being French 😉 OK that was predictable. I couldn’t resist. I have plenty of Frenchie mates and this stereotype is proven many times over. But I love them. And yes about the coffee. My single hesitation about moving to Bangkok was the lack of cafes– which I discovered when I first came here almost 12 years ago. But that has changed– there are a ton of them now. Makes me very happy. That’s where I blog from too…

    1. Dear, take the worse cliché of the French and deprive him of caffeine for 2 days. You’ll get me! I am the full on stereotype, complainer at heart, resenting happy go lucky, hyper motivated cheerleaders as an insult to my intelligence. Unless they can make decent coffee and would not be too talkative in the morning;) did you find your fav Café in BKk?

    1. Your post is soo mouthwatering, loved it:) thanks for stopping by, and see you here or at Fujinoya some day 😉 cheers!

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