Fantasising my day off

Want to hear about my ultimate fantasy ? how to treat me with a perfect day, with all I want, so I’ll owe you forever at least a good month ?…

Do you know what it really means when a Mum starts a sentence with « Oh I love my kids ! » ? . If you are not one of our kind, don’t trust our words. Just read our looks: the puffy red eyes, this little shaking of the leg, those (slightly too) messy hair…

Could we be a little less politically correct, you’ll clearly hear “Putain !(can’t translate that, there is no word for it in English) , I need a day off !! Just give me a break ! Give me back my bathroom for a minute, let me have my coffee in silence and …in a trembling voice : let me read another 2 pages of this book I started 2 years ago ! Mercy ! Mercy me ! »

And tell you what, I do love my kids ! I REALLY do !

Want to make my day? get me there with only Me, Myself and I : 5h would do. Or 10. Nah,make it a day. My sanity will be forever grateful. So will my adorable kids (I really love them, seriously, they are the apples of my eyes!)

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(ps: I can use some Sparkles too. Will send you the numbers of my best girlfriends, French bubbles will do. Thanks again. I love you!)


15 thoughts on “Fantasising my day off

      1. Let me guess how predictable you’ll be on this time: if i offer you a round ticket, open return, with significant budget, would you take it ? 😉

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