Photo101: Landscapes of New Zealand

                           “The Earth has music for those who listen” – Shakespeare



Couldn’t choose between them two. Which one do you like best? why?

Happy Friday rest of the world 🙂


25 thoughts on “Photo101: Landscapes of New Zealand

  1. Both are beautiful The second one though has a “land before time” feel about it… which looks rather different and nice.

  2. they’re both well shot and interesting. i think i like the bottom one better, because it’s less of a “typical” choice, if that makes sense?

    1. Hehehe, it does 😉 I wonder what our choices could tell about our feelings and perceptions. (I disgress, I know..)

      1. i think we tell people lots of things we don’t know we’re telling them :-). and i meant that the choice of landscape you chose to shoot was less typical. i think it makes the photo more unique. it’s kind of nice. i think we’re going to see lots of mountains submitted today.

    1. Do you also feel it is because it s looks intact ? I mean, still totally preserved? To me, it is typically the kind of place where I always catch myself whispering instead of talking normally 😛

    1. Thanks Annette! I like the effects of the rocks too and I feel that the second one is more special than the first. Maybe it would have been better without the rock in the middle, but perfection is not of this world ;)Thanks again for stopping by!

    1. Thanks 🙂 kiwi by heart only, lucky Frenchy traveler ! Thanks for your comment, i too like the 1rst for its feeling of wrapping the scene in blue. As you point out, it probably comes from the effect given by the perspective. Muchas gracias again!

    1. Thanks Sasha 🙂 all this blue is so relaxing to me.. Did you know that light blue is actually said to have a calming effect? Reason why light blue is often used in maternity.. (Just showing off, learnt it yesterday 😉

    1. Nature in this country is breathtaking! You should try it after India, you ll appreciate the context (although North India and Kashmir are also incredible!) thanks a lot for the encouragements, really appreciate 🙂

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