Look at your man, then look at this one…

This ad is almost 5 years old, but I bet it will make your Monday:

It aimed at boosting the image of the body wash Old Spice, which was typically the kind of present you would offer to your grand Dad for his birthday. The mission of the ad agency was to market the body wash to female purchasers and at the same time making it more interesting than a basic soap bar to its men customers.

What do you think? Can’t help but imagining this old couple, him overweight, dirty Tshirt, beer in one hand and cigarette in the other, and the desperate wife watching the ad with her mouth wide open. Bah, if her husband does not look like him, at least he could smell like him.. Happy week everyone 🙂


6 thoughts on “Look at your man, then look at this one…

    1. I laugh all the times when he says ” I’m on a horse”. So hilarious. Then I look at my man. Would be even more funnier to see him in the same position, same outfit, on a horse 😀

  1. Ça m’étonnerait qu’avec un simple Old Spice, on puisse transformer son mec de façon aussi spectaculaire! Ca s’ appelle de la pub mensongère. …

    1. Si tu ecoutes bien, il dit que si ton homme ne peut pas lui ressembler, au moins il peut sentir comme lui! C’est deja ça !

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