Daily prompt: Shaken and stirred


… But chances are I ended up at Fujinoya.

I love a good meal; so I don’t cook. Voilà.

I meant to write a long and cheerful post about the Grand Opening of Fujinoya, my favorite Japanese fusion restaurant/café and patisserie in Cebu. I wanted to tell you all about the passion of its team, its totally organic products, leave you all open-mouthed in admiration of the meals I for lunch and the desserts.. my, those exquisite desserts… Then I realized that for once, pictures would speak louder than words.

Bon Appetit 🙂


5 thoughts on “Daily prompt: Shaken and stirred

    1. Their mango chocolate mousse is so good that I declared it totally calorie free. My theory is that anything you eat with your eyes closed is calorie free anyway 😛

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