20 thoughts on “The 2 most useful accessories for The Silent Night

  1. Such beautiful children! My third one is due home today and our family will be complete for a few days – after a day or two, I may want to borrow some of these silencing ideas! Enjoy all of your holidays!

      1. That’s what we call marketing. But if I posted a more spontaneous one, like a tiny little tantrum, I would loose all offers of spontaneous baby sitting 😉

  2. Les baillons ne m’ont l’air assez serrés. ….enfin, ces petits n’ont pasl’air traumatisés non plus.♡♡♡☆☆☆☆

    1. Thank you! That’s exactly what my Mom then, would have been a pretty good idea! 😉 But even if we all end up with headaches, nothing beats the fun of the Christmas chaos. Did you spend it with all your grand kids?

      1. I know, but as we hardly get a new wrinkle every 10 years, it confirms that years are just numbers, eventually and dont mean much 😉

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