Literatour – A Round the World Trip for free during 1 Year

My kind of Xmas present! The list I will probably send to Santa(mazone) 😉

P e d r o L

literatour line

In the last 10 years I lived many lives, in different eras and in several places: I crossed the US, coast to coast; and I climbed Himalayas, reaching Lassa, in Tibet. Europe was not exception, as I lived some months in Ligurian trees, in Italy, and I took part in the history of the Balkans.

Nevertheless, I delivered correspondence in the Chilean island of Isla Negra and I survived to an epic journey in Congo River. The truth is that, among my best friends, I count sailors, spies and magicians. Thanks to Literature…

Thanks to literature, and more than one thousand books read in the last decade, I had the chance to do several Round the World Trips for free! And you can also do it: by simply registering in the closest public library you have access to everywhere – no visas or invitation letters needed 🙂

Now that 2015…

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