Share a cup of Caffeined Kindness with a “Caffè Sospeso”

suspended coffee Christmas and its tribute to the era of consumerism are over. Time to really relax for a minute, preferably out of the battlefield of paper wraps and hysterical electronic toys and find refuge in my child free/ safe haven : Café!

The best coffees I ever had were all Italian. No Starbuckest paper bucket there, but the classic and timeless porcelain espresso cup. Standing at the corner of the bar, I am savouring this ecstatic feeling of solitude in the multitude. With each sip of the magic caffè, my senses slowly wake up to the promises of a Dolce vita…

Coffee has always been a solitary pleasure to me.

Until I found out how I could share it a complete foreigner in a heartwarming way.

Someone who would appreciate the ride, the ambience, the elixir as much as I do. S/He’ll may see conversation where I see multitude. Will prefer the comfort of a chair to the standing at the bar. But for sure, s/he too will love the coffee.

Now we are talking decent present! Not just for one single night a year, but for countless days.

The Italian from Napoli call this caffeined gift a caffè sospeso. A Suspended or pending coffee is a cup of coffee paid for in advance as an anonymous act of charity.


Next time you go for your usual coffee, add (an) additional one(s) on your bill, for someone who may be finding it tough. Some cafés will hang the receipts on their windows; others will let your guest know what is suspended for them. Others will advertise on boards…

How great is that? Sharing what you love with people who could not afford it. I like also the fact that my guest will come to the café, sit down and get his drink like any other consumer. Hope my guest likes his/her coffee with a good book. I love sharing the books I have loved.

Nothing prevents you from adding a cookie or a meal with the suspended coffee. In Napoli, a few years ago, the pizzeria Da Concettina ai Tre Santi, created the suspended pizza logo and printed it on its paper tablecloths. Each week, it manages to deliver around 15 free pizzas for the poor.

Cheers to my first and easiest resolution of the year, sharing more of what I love!

For a list of all the participating cafés, click Here


25 thoughts on “Share a cup of Caffeined Kindness with a “Caffè Sospeso”

    1. J’adore ce concept de don. Personne n’est mis en position d’inferiorité, les personnes qui n’ont pas les moyens de se payer un café ne sont pas des mendiants mais des clients invités. Et j’adore aussi que des librairies italiennes s’y soient mises aussi, et des sandwicheries… C’est bon, c’est sympa, alors ce serait dommage de ne pas partager 😉

  1. Wow !! I had no idea charity happens like this too !!! Thanks for sharing this Estelea 🙂 Btw, did you receive a pingback about 5-Day monochrome series? I sent it to you from my 2nd blog ,if you are interested, you can check it out 🙂 No pressure to accept or any time limitations.

    1. You re welcome 🙂 I love this concept of sharing without making anyone feel uncomfortable. The one who is giving does not have to bend down, the one receiving does not feel inferior. What a great idea, isn’t it?
      Yes, got the pingpag 🙂 I am not really into monochrome but if there is no limitation, I’ll definitely look into it early next year 🙂 Promise!

      1. No worries,no pressure,if you don’t want,you can skip it 🙂 In the end ,you should be able to like your own photos,if you don’t like monochrome,it won’t do justice,right ? 😀

    1. Isn’t it? I loved it so much I had to share. Not only because I love sharing coffees, but moreover I think it finally gives a sense of dignity to the people who can not afford it. No one is bending down to them, they are consumers like all the other ones. It sounds like a genuine little gift to me, not charity 🙂

      1. True! And i just found out that in France they also have “suspended baguette” 🙂 plus beyond kindness, i love the mere idea of inviting a stranger who i m sure will like the meal/coffee 🙂

      2. yes, yes it is beautiful idea 🙂 Just do a bit of searching, you will find a lot of ideas. Reading about them itself feels so good 😀

      3. I even found bars with suspended glasses of Champagne for Xmas and new eve. How sweet is that? Already got my lists of cafés in Europe for my next trip in March 🙂

      4. I ll personally make sure that the Eiffel Tower doesn’t move and quietly waits for you, no worries 🙂

  2. thank you for visiting my site ~ you are right, the photo in my website is good with this article ~

    By the way, I like the idea of sharing what you like. Great article~

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