About time to embark on New adventures!


The first Weekly Photo Challenge of the year is to illustrate “New”…

We have been in the Philippines for almost a year now, time to already think about our next posting. The hubbie’s contract finishes next year, but finding a family mission in the humanitarian sector takes times… As we are getting older wiser, there are more factors to take into consideration than the job itself: the education system, the health structure, and last but not least, the number of hours between our new home and the  old European one (or at least a direct flight!). The Attilas are not babies anymore, I want to give them the chance to build memories with their grand parents and their cousins.

Soon enough, I’ll have to work on my resume again, reconnect on Linkedin, study the UN and EU job offers.. Keep my eyes and ears open to any new interesting opportunity. Always leaving room for all what makes my soul happy is essential to me, as all the jobs I have loved have always come to me “by chance”. I had never thought about becoming a TV producer nor an aid worker when I was a student. It all came to me when I decided to follow my instincts, to do things that fills my heart. Maybe time for a new career path? There are still lots of places on the planet where being in your early 40s does not ring like a mid life crisis, but sings like second half of opportunities,where you can do something good with what you know, be open to what you don’t and follow your bliss!

Inhale the future, exhale the past…

To a New Year, New breath, New chances.. When nothing is sure, everything is possible 🙂


(The painting is signed by the greatissimo Oskunk. The most personal and precious Xmas present I ever got comes from  my adorable little brother Jules: The tree of life, the countries we lived in, and our names .. For more on Oskunk’s pieces, click here )


10 thoughts on “About time to embark on New adventures!

  1. I think it is so wonderful that you and your family are on an adventure and will continue to go on adventures as your husband’s work moves him. That is such a wonderful learning opportunity for young minds. And… it keeps you and your husband younger 🙂 Best wishes for a wonderful 2015! ((Hugs!)) xo

    1. Big hugs in return :)Thanks so much for your kind message, and yes, as you say, traveling (hopefully) prevents us from getting too boringly old. Or at least that’s what I want to believe, but you’d have to ask my kids in a few years 😉 There is nothing truer than this quote from Mark Twain :”Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts”. Don’t you agree? X

  2. Here’s to a second half of life opportunities! You write with such optimism, joy and wonderment of your future….it’s inspiring and so refreshing! I’m confident that everything will fall perfectly into place for you and your family…Like you say, “always leave room what what makes your soul happy”….Well said!

    1. Cheers to that, indeed! I’ll bring the Champagne, but you’ll cook ok? 😉 Thanks so much for your sweet message, will obviously keep you posted… Have a beautiful day X

  3. “Inhale the future, exhale the past…”
    You are so inspiring, Estelea!
    And you exhale positive energy, drive, faith, love, care, affection, flexibility, and much more, all over us on your blog. I am very grateful to have met you. Thank you.
    And I wish you the very best, always. You surely will create new opportunities for you and make the best of it, that I have no doubts.
    What a beautiful Christmas gift. Thanks for sharing it.

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