Inspiring Latte

Using a simple toothpick, Kazuki creates wonderful latte art portraits for customers of Cafe10g. Yamamoto also posts his latte art on Twitter (@george_10g)

18 thoughts on “Inspiring Latte

    1. I wish i were such an artist !Not only the precision of his work is amazing, but i guess he must be fast enough so the latte is still hot when it reaches your table.
      And bonus, he gives you a chance to really take time to appreciate each drop of your latte, no? Not the kind of coffee you would drink fast without even looking at it .
      Have a grande day 🙂

    1. Same for me 😉 or i would savor each little spoon, totally in the moment (for once 😛 ). A little bit of classical music in the background, this latte, a laptop or a note book. How awesome would that be to start the week? Have a sweet day 🙂

      1. Wow! Your coffee scene is so enticing! Indeed woukd be a fabulous way to start the week!

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