Some of the best times of life


are those small stuffs, the smiles from above that touche your heart

(weekly photo challenge from under the shadow of a tree)


16 thoughts on “Some of the best times of life

    1. You are a real follower, I am impressed 😛 this is the first time ever I recycle a post! I thought it worked pretty well with this week’s challenge, don’t you think?
      Not that I am lazy, but my Mum is visiting so Iess time for wandering (but more for big hugs)

      1. You sure got impressed 😛 Now you know you cant do such things when I am following you 😛

        You mean WPC “shadowed”?

        Hope you are having a great time there 🙂

      2. I will definitely be much more cautious in the future, promise!
        (yes, WPC!)
        Oh yes, we are having a blast in spite of the weather. Another proof that what makes moments special are not places, but people. Pictures and posts should follow, 100% original 😉

    1. Thanks a lot;) It is all about being aware of our surroundings, you know that far better than me 😉 I took this picture in my street, 1mn away from home. Have a lovely day !

    1. Thanks a lot Laura. You are perfectly right, it’s all in capturing this special something! When I can, it kind of make me feel special; As if this “something” had talked to me, and only to me. Like a whisper 🙂

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