Family trip to Bohol: 3 ways to experience Paradise


It had been too long since the family last escaped from the Cebuano rains and deafening karaoké. My French temper had taken the best of me, I was all grumpiness and complaining again. Even my espresso had lost its awakening power.

I know those symptoms too well and only one remedy can cure them: breathing the air of a new place!

Bohol is actually very closed to Cebu: only 3 hours from our door to the hotel on the top of a cliff in Panglao. It only took 180 minutes to move the corners of my mouth in the right direction again 🙂

The Attilas loved our little getaway, because there is something very special and totally unique about this island. Just follow our guide of the week end for a glimpse of the magic:


1. It looks like Heaven 

This is Mr Attila when I told him that Chocolate Hills were not made of chocolate and that no, sorry sweetheart, the place is not made of candies either. It’s just because its green grass turns brown in the dry season that they are called “chocolate” 😦


2. It tastes like heaven (Bohol Bee Farm Hotel)

3. It feels like Heaven

There is much more to Bohol than sightseeing. The island is reinvigorating because of the high spirits of its people. Over the last years, Bohol has been dramatically hit by earthquakes, floods and cyclones. Where you would expect desolation and frustration, you are welcomed with open hearts and smiles.

Bohol embodies the famous reputation of resilience of the Filipinos. As our cab driver told me: “The Philippines may not be calamity proof. But the Filipino spirit sure it”!

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6 thoughts on “Family trip to Bohol: 3 ways to experience Paradise

    1. 😉 was really fun. Especially on comparison to now, as we are stranded on a tiny island, winds and rains far too loud for a boat to pick us up 😛 Carpe Diem!!!

  1. Hope you are all doing ok? I love these pics during the start of your trip! And oh, I wish too that the Chocolate Hills were made of chocolate!
    PS: your espresso had lost its power! You made the right choice by taking a getaway to recharge!
    All my best from NYC and hope all is well….

    1. All super fine now, thanks my dear 🙂 espresso have regain all their magic powers! For the best of my whole family 😛

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