Stranded on Malapascua

Massive tropical storm heading to our little rock. Malapascua is just dramatic winds and heavy rains. No way to get back to Cebu, all boats have retired to safest places. No idea till when. So what now? Play it French and complain all day long, or learn another great lesson from Mr Attila turned Zen Master ? I chose! 😉

Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s learning to dance in the rain 😀

28 thoughts on “Stranded on Malapascua

    1. The great things with kiddos, you don’t have to open a Buddhism manual (presuming you are relaxed enough to give them the full attention they deserve 😉

    1. Thanks 🙂 not sure how long we’ll stay here but we actually took the best of it: cool enough to finally live without aircon, time to talk, play games and read! Have a lovely WE 🙂

    1. Thanks a lot my dear! Had actually forgotten all those things you can you in 3D, from those ancestral times without internet. Like having real conversations and telling stories… Plus my Mum is visiting, the more stranded, the merier 😉 have a sweet WE!

      1. 😉 my Mum proved so adaptable, again! This woman is amazing, she has the power to change lemons into lemonades! Or beers, as there is no lemon here 😉 I ll post on her holidays with us – now I understand how between her, me and my daughter Marcel was so tired at the end of the day 😉 Have a lovely day Fabio!

      2. Thanks so much for your response from your heart. By the way, all your posts come from your heart! As you are describing your Mum, it becomes clearer to me that you are chip off the old block! 🙂 Such resilience and adaptability only few people have. I was asking the rabbi this week how I could manage the happiness of the Shabbat with the sadness of what happened in Paris. She told me that, in such terrible events, more people come to the synagogue and, together, they pray to God, and they greet each other with Shabbat Shalom. Yes, a lot of resilience! All the best to you and to the two generations around you! Take care, my friend! 🙂

      3. Loved this story of your rabbi. I can totally relate to the need to be together as a family, to feel we are united and strong, whatever the circumstances. I feel any antisemic act as a deep wound, more than ever since I am a mother. Attending Shabbat this Friday must have felt like hugging your family, Shabbat shalom meaning much more than it ever has. It sounds like Bless you, like a Hug, like a prayer. Don’t you think ?
        Thanks again for sharing this story, bless you and yours, always ❤

    1. Thanks a lot, i m blessed with great models 😉 it’s far better today, back to Cebu tmrw! Have a sweet day!

  1. You made my day! I just woke up and saw this delightful post! Thank you for reminding us about how to approach obstacles in life!
    Adorable pic of your son too!
    Happy Saturday !

    1. Oh, what a nice compliment:) the weather is eventually better, we had our dose of sun and we re ready to get back to Cebu tmrw! have a sweet Sunday x

    1. Yep, we only celebrated with our Sinulog TShirts on the beach 😉 the kids are too young for such crowds, although it looks like a wonderful Event from the picts and movies I saw. How was it? Did it rain?

      1. I didn’t go to the parade for the same reason — my son is too young to walk in such crowds (but too heavy to carry around for hours!). We did go to Ayala to see the fireworks. 🙂 I hope your mum is enjoying Cebu.

      2. Oh she did 🙂 imagine this kind of weather and those kinds of smiles in Paris… You hear me, right ? 😉

    1. Thanks a lot ! we actually had a lovely time, all cuddled watching cartoons! It was so windy and the rains were so heavy we could not even move from the room. Great movies, great company, isolation at its best 😉 my Mum loved it too, not the postcard kind of day but the warmest for sure 😉 X

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