Invitation for a Chat on the beach ! (and no need to tell me your life story)


Since I popped up in the blogosphere, I have virtually met truly amazing people. I feel close to a bunch of them – although I would not even recognize them if we were sitting besides each other and were the only clients of the café. There is this brilliant and generous Brazilian woman living in the Neederlands. An Aussie writer expatriated in Thailand, an Indian sharing its explorations of his amazing country, a photographer who, true to his blog’s name, highlights the good and the beautiful. There also is this lovely Italian chef from NYC (although she is not officially a chef, she won’t mind me calling her one! )… I can go on and on with my beloved connection from Europe, the US, Philippines, NZ, Canada, Australia …

I would love to meet up over a tea or a coffee (a cocktail could work too!) and have a chance to meet with those great people in 4D. This is a formal invitation, bloggers peeps! To the ones I already know, and to the others (this beach is quite deserted, there’ll be room for all of you). Just come as you are, no pre-diet required, a short and a T-shirt will do (Asian don’t really do bikini!). I will make sure we have enough umbrellas and beach chairs.

No need to tell me all about your life. Let’s just share those things that make you smile, the stories that made you laugh so hard that even you felt the 6 pack coming! I really don’t need to know all about you, I am happy with what you want to share. Smiles are contagious, and so inspiring! See you there 🙂

PS: don’t forget the sunscreen!


41 thoughts on “Invitation for a Chat on the beach ! (and no need to tell me your life story)

  1. Summer is coming! YES 😀

    Where in cebu is this ? We would really consider this place for summer with my friends 🙂

  2. It’s in Bantayan actually 🙂 Will take you 3h by bus or car, and another hour by boat. But definitely worth it!

  3. Gah! I was in Mactan in December, practically neighbours for 10 days. Where was the invite then? OK, I’ll book my flight this afternoon. 🙂

    1. How about you come here for the beach and I ll visit you for the mountains? I don’t think we ll easily run out of conversation 😉

  4. Yep, on my way already from the cold northern U.S. with all my beach equipment, snacks, beverages, and reading material. Save me a spot … you’ll recognize me by my extreme pallor!

    1. Just bring your books, I ll take care of the rest! Best way to defrost after Russia and the States 🙂 Your spot is booked my dear, it shouldn’t rain before July!

  5. Great post, and who could turn down a chat on a beach, when it’s cold and rainy (as it is) outside? I don’t do bikinis either, but I’ll turn up in shorts and a t-shirt!

    You said “I feel closed to a bunch of them”, but I think you mean
    “close”. (Dans ce context, ‘closed’ = ‘fermé’ mais ‘close’ = ‘près’.)

    What’s making me smile this week is professional satisfaction. I’m working with a new author, who is an absolute pleasure to work with. She is receptive to suggestions about the short story I’m editing, and widely proclaiming it’s better than it’s ever been, thanks to my help. Makes me feel all warm and snuggly inside.

    1. Thanks Wendy, I love the opportunity to learn and correct my mistakes. Made the changes 🙂

      This author is so lucky to have the privilege to work with you! It made me smile too, loved how you wrote it made you feel all warm and snuggly inside 🙂 It is so heartwarming when you feel you have a positive impact on someone’s work and that this person is grateful for the help. This intellectual stimulation boosts not only their creativity but also yours, doesn’t it? I am sure you had those moments when you are so happy with the sessions that you can hardly believe that this is called “work” and you are actually paid for this!;)

      Thanks for sharing your smile and the warm feeling all the way to the Philippines, very inspiring! Tout de bon (as the Swiss say)

  6. Fabulous idea!! I would love to hang out on the beach and relax with you and our fellow blogging friends!
    You’ll recognize me by my thick New York accent and the tray of eggplant parmigiana I’m bringing to share!!!
    Much love to you!!!!

    1. Awesome, Chef 😉 How great would that be!!! Big, big smile on my face and .. in my tummy! Always ready for your eggplant parmigiana, even for breakfast. I think I ll remember this post of yours forever 🙂

      Your spot is booked, the kitchen is all yours. Will make sure we have the right wines and something tells me that our community of fellow blogging friends will dramatically increase… 😉

      1. Oh one day, this will happen! We would talk until the wee hours of the morning for sure!!!
        PS: I just finished making a huge amount of baked pasta for dinner and washed it all down with a great Cabernet Sauvignon!! I’m honored my eggplant post will be remembered:)))
        Happy Sunday my dear!

      2. Looks so delicious!!! I’m drooling just reading this even though I just had lunch 😛 if you ever tell me you make tiramisu, you ll see me at your door before you know it! With the fam, so think twice before posting!

      3. Hmmm I have yet to make tiramisu, but you get the first piece when I do:)))
        Happy Sunday from snowy NY!

      4. I am already checking the flights to NY ;)) Wishing you a beautiful week, happily sharing some of our 30 degrees with you !

      5. Oh let’s meet first in Cebu:) 2 feet of snow expected in NYC tomorrow night:( The beach sounds great to hang out with you!!

    1. Just do, my dear! If I send you this little boat to pick you up, will it solve the little logistic issues? Will make sure we have those coriander/ lemon grass ice creams ! So???? You are booked, red umbrella 🙂

  7. Dear Estelia, Wonderful call, with all your inspiration, art, and energy! You are a gift to all of your friends, and we give many thanks for that. What I would bring to the get together on the beach: my little camera, a notebook and pencils, and much energy with me to talk for long hours with you and our friends. Great post indeed! I read your words and behind them I see your big smile! Great! (PS: I think I know that blogger that likes to highlight… 🙂 – You have a big heart, Estelea! Take care! And thanks sooooooooo much!

    1. My ego thanks you so much for the incredible booster 🙂 Your spot is booked, looking forward to seeing you there my friend!

      1. Estelea, let’s not abandon the project that you came up with. It would be fantastic to have such get together at a certain time with our friends… Take care, and you and your family have a great week ahead! 🙂 à bientôt

      2. We will find a way, for sure 🙂 Imagine that we already found each other on the whole wide web, that was the most challenging part of the meeting, wasn’t it? You all have a beautiful week! Obrigada 🙂

  8. OMG How could I have missed such a heartwarming, inspiring, generous and affectionate invitation, as well as a subtle reference to someone in the low lands of Holland? ❤

    I would go anywhere to have chat with you! You are worthy gazillion times any opportunity to meet up anywhere, in the Asian way or any way, and share not only a cuppa, but all stories we could come up with.

    Thank you! xxx

  9. So well expressed, Lucile! Temos a mesma impressao e sentimentos em relacao a Estelea. E tenho certeza que voce e’ do mesmo time! See, Estelea, your energy and vitality put people together! Bravo!!!

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