Seoul, here we come !


Realising that your flight is not for tomorrow … But leaving in 2h30! Packing in 20′, dressing up sleeping kids in a blink of an eye, jumping in a taxi in the middle of the night and eventually … Making it just right on time?
Checked !!!

I know I forgot half of what we need to bear the Korean winter … Ms Attila is dressed like a scarecrow, her brother is wearing his flip flop … But we are all here ! Seoul here we come!


23 thoughts on “Seoul, here we come !

    1. Yes we did! the adventure had started far before entering Korea 😛 It is sooo cold here, Ms Attila wanted to go back to Cebu right after lunch… But the perfect blue sky is simply stunning 🙂 Have a great one, and thanks for stopping by !

    1. Frozen fun, but fun indeed 😉 I was considering Canada for our next posting, I am already giving it a second thought 😛

    1. Merci 🙂 Fait froid mais tu adorerais, super sec et magnifique ciel bleu. Et les marrons grillés dans la rue, ma pte madeleine de papy 😉 XXX

  1. Wow how exciting! Please post photos when you can! I have always wanted to visit!
    Plus, Korean food is so tasty:) enjoyyyyy

    1. will do 🙂 I know you are not the one I should tell you that, but it is so cold that my fingers are almost freezing on the camera. And we are faaaar from Juno here. We’ll definitely meet up in Cebu 😉 Foodwise, do you like spicy food? Like spicy SPICY?

      1. Stay warm!!! I hate cold fingers!! Enjoy Seoul despite the chill… And yes, let’s meet up in warmer Cebu!
        And about spicy food? I adore it!!! The spicier, the better for me and I love Korean food too!

    1. Thanks a lot Amy 🙂 It is super exciting, I love this town, for some reason I can not even explain to myself. So quiet, so clean, people are all so classy. I feel like I am walking in a glossy magazine, so relaxing. PLus not understanding anything to what people say or read is like living in a bubble…Cold, cold, cold weather but not an ounce of humidity, beautiful, the total opposite of Cebu.

      1. I’m excited for you, Estelea. Hope to see lot of photos of Seoul! No humidity is better… Happy travel! 🙂

    1. THanks my dear 🙂 I had planned to post re: your old post on getting ready for a flight, remember? But this departure was so head over feet, in all ways.. I ll really check and double check the dates for our next trip in Europe, in March, so I ll be able to write something of more than 5 lines… Big hugs and frozen kisses!

    1. I dreamt of Italy for my Bday but for some reasons Korea made it 😉 I am in love with Seoul, although a few more degrees would not harm.. The Attilas were both crying this afternoon because it was too cold. Definitely more Asian than Swiss…

    1. You saw my bag, you can imagine my planning skills 😉 At the age of the Attilas, planning are such a source of frustration anyway 😉 XXX

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