Tidy bag, tidy mind!


It is all here. And the bigger the bag, the bigger the mess, and the Iphone is missing!

I make regular attempts at organizing, eliminating, rationalizing. But they never last. I can’t leave the house without a note book, a couple of pens, a book and a lip balm. My colorful wallet, bought in a little NGO in Phnom Penh. My camera as well, as I can’t rely on the batterie of my phone anymore. I forget my keys much more often than any of those precious items. Don’t ask me for the Olaf socks, I don’t even remember how they ended up in here. Pictures of the Attilas for the renewal of our visas. Useless Thai coins, an Euro, unreadable receipts (one day, I’ll really keep track of it all!), hair pins, hand sanitizer… Get the pieces of the puzzles all together, and you’ll see me.


33 thoughts on “Tidy bag, tidy mind!

    1. 😉 good eyes! can’t hide anything to a photographer 😉 I have been re reading it, and I can only savor a few pages a day, so beautiful, so creative, so magical. I My favorite! which one is your favorite?

      1. Of course 😉 Did you read The Little Prince? another one I regularly re read and always find new meanings…

    2. For some reason there is no way to reply to your last message … So here I am 🙂 It is a beautiful and short book from Antoine de St Exupery. You who loves traveling, exploring and who believes in friendships, I bet you’ll love it. I would not do it justice if I told you all the reasons why I love it, you should get it with no preconcive idea at all. It is a book supposedly for children but there is so much more to read between the lines … I think you can trust me on this one!

      1. thank you for this suggestion. This I am sure going to have profound change in the way I see things from now on, and after re-reading it again and again. I trusted you and you were right. i love this 36 pages!

      2. I was talking about the little prince in the story. it was supposed to impress you, if you really wanted to give me an answer :p

      3. Nah, I guess the original message was lost somewhere. Just to sum it up: I said I was impressed by the fact that you found and read the book in a blink of an eye. If we are talking of the same thing? 😛 In any case, have a beautiful day!!!

      1. Of the ones I have read, Conversation in the Cathedral is my favourite, as well as Feast of the Goat if you like historical fiction. If you like magical realism, there’s a Mozambican author called Mia Couto who is really great, particularly his short stories. Not sure how much of his stuff has been translated into English though. Would recommend ‘Vozes Anoitecidas’ if there is an English translation.

      2. THanks a lot Benedict! I’ll order them all. Thanks for expanding my horizons, nothing can ever beat a great read to me. They will be waiting for me in the letter box in France, next month.. As much as I love technology, Kindles don’t have this kind of magic.. thanks again, greetings from frozen Korea!

      3. Haha, wonderful news. You should also read anything by Borges if you get the chance (can you tell I studied Spanish and Portuguese yet?). I agree with you on the Kindle front, can never quite get into them in the same way. You must let me know if you like the books, always delighted to hear people’s opinions. Returned greetings from London, where it is presumably not quite so cold!

      4. Oh yes i guessed 🙂 I read Borges far too young, and in Spanish. Needless to say, Labyrinths was a very frustrating experience. At least it really deserved its name for my poor neurons which never had the chance to see the end of the tunnel! Won’t try to pretend this year, will buy it in English or in French. Should maybe start with Aleph, sounds like a good and promising title (plus the second name of my son). What do you think? will definitely let you know how I like the books 🙂

      5. Yes, The Aleph is great, worth the rice of the book for the description of what the object does alone. Yes, do let me know what you think, always lovely to hear from fellow literature lovers. 🙂

    1. Nah dear, I amm not the compartments kind I am afraid 😛 not in my bags anyway, probably because I love having surprises 😉 Let’s see what you come up with next time we meet though, could always learn a thing of 2. In Europe till April 5th… XXX

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