The cheesy post of my 42


Believe it or not, tomorrow I’ll turn 43. I saw this! your just read this first line and your eyes opened wide, your eyebrows raised high and your mouth dropped wide open. I know, I know, I look soooo much younger. When someone asks me how old I am, I always have to clarify of they mean my chronological age or maturity wise. I feel like these are vastly different numbers…

When I look into the rearview and press on pause, I am so grateful for all the beautiful people sharing my life, in 3 and 4 D, for being healthy and for living in a place where me and my family can feel safe.

I know it is cheesy (I warned you). But this is how I feel today. Tomorrow I’ll blow a candle on a Honey bread, the typical Korean desert, surrounded by my favorite bunch of crazies. My most precious presents ever. I thank God for protecting me from me from what I thought I wanted and blessing me with what I didn’t know I needed 🙂

Mr Everything ;)
Mr Everything 😉

34 thoughts on “The cheesy post of my 42

  1. Happiest of birthdays to you!! You are a gorgeous lady, inside and out!
    And I love what you mentioned about your chronological and emotional ages … Hooray for feeling and acting much younger than we really are!
    Ps: enjoy the Korean honey cake. Sounds delicious !!!!
    Lots of love and happy birthday!🎂🎂🎂

    1. Oh thank you sooo much, what a beautiful compliment 🙂 Korean honey cake is all you need with such a weather, I should fedex you some actually! Cheers to all those years when Bday cakes still have more calories than candles 😛 Big hugs to you carissima XXX

      1. Much love! Oh I’d love a piece right now in fact! I’m glad it was a super birthday for you😃😃😃

    1. 1000 Mercis 🙂 Frozen blast in Seoul, but feels so great to finally experience some cold again, especially with a blue sky. Kids don’t really agree, but hey, I m the Bday queen 😉 X

  2. Wow! Happy Belated Birthday! Awesome post…love your background of your blog; your pics are wonderful; and this last statement: “I thank God for protecting me from me from what I thought I wanted and blessing me with what I didn’t know I needed.” hit home for me! Powerful!

    1. Thanks Pam, so glad you liked it 🙂 This sentence sums it all to me too 🙂 again big thanks for your kind words, means a lot to me. English is my second language so I am always very VERY grateful for the native English speakers for their patience and kindness 😛

      1. Estelea…you speak English very well. It is great to connect with you. I have a strong fondness for your native language. I wish my abilities at speaking/reading French were half as good as your English. I look forward to reading more of your adventures! 🙂

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