Depth Of Knowledge


“Depth of Knowledge, or DOK is a reference to the complexity of mental processing that must occur to answer a question, perform a task, or generate a product”

In Seoul, one doesn’t want to presume anything when it comes to opening a bathroom door. One explains.

Wishing you all a positively challenging week 😉


9 thoughts on “Depth Of Knowledge

    1. That’s what I thought too 😉 It really made me laugh, same instructions on the women’s door, no gender discrimination whatsoever. The trip is as usual pretty different than what we had planned, the kids have a hard time with the weather, we love it but for them, the “little” difference of 30 degrees is.. challenging to deal with 😉 They are really Asian. Ms Attila even shocked me beyond words when she told me, all excited “look Mum, they have big pieces of bread here!” when we were in a French bakery. She was actually pointing at a … baguette!!! Can’t wait to teach her the basics when we ll be in Europe next month 😛 Will try to post this week or else more to come, definitely, next ! XXXXX!!!

      1. Aha…only for women! That I hadn’t noticed.
        Poor kids. It’s really a huge climate difference that they aren’t used to.
        I hope it won’t be so cold when they arrive in Europe. Guess not.
        You will have a lot to catch up to go through with them. The baguette story is funny and also so interesting to think about a little further.
        Here is an European French-Swiss kiddo raised in Asia, being not ‘dogmatically’ attached to her routes and not even recognizing it as hers.
        It’s a proof of adaptation and evolution as well as it can be a proof that cultural diversity is possible and acceptable.
        Thanks for sharing. I’m already curious for her discoveries in Europe.
        Enjoy there!! Xxxx

      2. Real Third Culture Kids indeed ! sometimes I feel I am the one learning from them, and their incredible sense of adaptation 🙂 Have a lovely day XXX!

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