No risk, no fun (taste of Seoul)

The great thing about traveling is that you are constantly surprised and challenged by all the cultural differences. Fashion, food, manners… It’s all relative ! Forget about what you think should be right, keep your eyes and your mind open, there is always something to learn 😉


14 thoughts on “No risk, no fun (taste of Seoul)

    1. thanks a lot 🙂 All those little funky things that make traveling fun for us (and a hell for others ;). Although I must admit that Korean food was a challenge to me, as it is mostly meat and seafood. Plus ramen tend to bore me after 2 lunches and 2 diners in a row…That’s what you get when you are a boring vegetarian and on top of that you are not really into mushrooms and beans… But their honey bread, the one without the beans, is mouthwatering (so cold anyway that I really needed those calories!)…

    1. Thanks a lot 🙂 We really had fun, every single day, and the weather was pretty kind with us. We even went skying yesterday, what a city! so kids friendly and quiet and classy. Except the food, we had a great time (I think only THailand really cares for lame vegetarians like me ; )

  1. I smiled the whole was through these pics!!!! Thanks for posting these… And I’ve got to admit I’d choose the crying “super spicy” but I might pass on the dried octopus:)
    Have a glorious day!!!!❤️❤️

    1. I actually thought of you when I took this pict!!! 😀 You have to taste their stuff, there are quite lots of options if you are “normal” as the hubby would say ( = eating basically everything). I shamelessly had … panini and quiches yesterday and today, the first time it ever happened to me in a trip. Says a lot of my state of starvation. Too bad the eggplant parmigiana I saw our the street was just a mirage 😛

      1. Oh I’m honored you thought of me and my spice addiction!!
        Lol about eating “normal”… I can understand about the panini and quiche !!
        And sorry my Eggplant Parm was only a mirage! How many days would it take if I sent you a package full?
        Have a lovely rest of your day/trip!!!!!

      2. should not take too long if you make it directly from Cebu 😉 or I ll pass by NYC some year, when it will be warm enough 🙂 THanks for the kind wishes, have a great one!!!

      3. Oh I would love to travel there right now and get out of this frozen city! I really hope we can meet up in person one day!!

    1. So you had the chance to visit Korea or are they living in the States too? Real Kimchee is indeed nothing to compare with what I used to have back in Europe. Korean really know the meaning of spicy 😛

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