Best way to start the week: hold on, let go, trust and … fly !

The ad I can’t get tired of watching whenever I am a little stressed or overwhelmed with the mess at hand.

I am literally breathing with this couple. Their energy is contagious, and before I realize it, I am already wearing my running shoes. Off for a run!

Wishing you all Harmony, Balance and Rhythm all week long 🙂


25 thoughts on “Best way to start the week: hold on, let go, trust and … fly !

  1. Wow!!! Thanks for sharing this couple with us! This is an amazing video! Some days, I feel sluggish at work but with that job, you can’t miss a beat!

    1. 😉 It still look so natural and harmonious, kinda like a symphony. But better have a real espresso before you get started, 😉 Have a lovely week!

      1. Yes they are beautiful together and make it look so effortless !
        I would definitely need a double espresso for sure!
        Happy new week!

    1. Now I can’t help looking at buildings from a completely different angle. You really need massive doses of trust and self confidence to achieve something like that 😛 Glad you liked it too!

      1. Oh yeah! Even with the belt, I can’t see my flying in the air with such easiness, and open eyes 😛

      2. I’m sure I wouldn’t have guts to do that. Just looking down from a very tall building makes me sick. I feel like jumping, actually like I’m going to fall accidentally. Should I talk to a shrink about that? lol

      3. I know the feeling actually.. But it is because (as I read) you have your feet on the ground. The feeling disappears when you fly, like in a plane obviously but also when you are hang gliding or para gliding. I tried them both and I loved every second of it! I am far closer to the bird than to the fish (you probably guessed this one already ; ) X

      1. Totally! Wish I could give it a try. Imagine the adrenaline rush the moment you jump! Plus the sensation of flying must be simply magical!

  2. Another thing, the time physics independent of mass of the object, but only depends on the length of the to do this trick, they both used equal length of rope..and thus, there trajectories got synchronized:)

    Further, the slow motion in their dance can further increase, if they increase the length of rope (i.e. if they scale up on higher buildings suspended a greater distance from where the rope is tied)

    1. 🙂 I love every second of it. And I think of it each time I am looking up to a building, wondering if I would have the guts ?… Must be an incredible feeling… once you manage to let go of the fear 😛

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