Valentines – 2: the best crash course on how to play it like a Real Man this year!

Dear boy friend, this one is just for you! This year, forget the cheesy cards and sickly chocolates. You still have 48 hours, and I bet your internet connection is fast enough to make it all happen… Believe me, this is the best crash course EVER to really play it like a Pure Gentleman this year!

(Dear girl friend, where there is a will, there is a way, I am sure you can be creative enough to forward this awesome post to whoever might need it 😉


A year ago two of my dearest friends got engaged in Venice and they’re due to tie the knot in a couple of weeks after more than eleven years together. So if you are planning a romantic trip to ask your loved one to marry you here are some tips on how to go about it in Italian!

Will you......? Will you……?

Falling in love in a foreign country or just wanting to propose in the romantic language of love can be tricky. The simplest, most straight forward way to ask someone to marry you is to say Ti amo, vuoi sposarmi, meaning I love you, will you marry me, and pronounced Tee amoh, voy spoh-sar-mee? Or you could say Ti amo, mi vuoi sposare, which is basically the same and is pronounced Tee amoh, mee voy spoh-sar-mee.

IMG_4634 Ti amo……!

If you want to be a little bit more poetic…

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5 thoughts on “Valentines – 2: the best crash course on how to play it like a Real Man this year!

  1. Carissima! Thanks for reposting DreamDiscoverItalia’s post! It’s a beautiful blog! And your advice to all those out there to read more about Italian romance skills is great just in time for Valentine’s Day!!!

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