Happy Valentines! No chocolates, just Sugar ….

Bantayan, what else?

Beaches !

Non refined sugar, OGM free, the best kind ever, you can trust me on this one… Happy Valentines from Bantayan! ❤


20 thoughts on “Happy Valentines! No chocolates, just Sugar ….

    1. Thanks. It was either something a bit original or super cheesy. Can’t do cheesy every week, plus I still have lots in stock.. So here is my take!Glad you like the pict, Happy Valentines 🙂

      1. Heartfelt thank you my dear! You aren’t the 10000th, in fact! Only fellow bloggers did. Over here
        we don’t even remember this day exists. So your big heart is all more special!
        You too take care and enjoy the beautiful beach!! Are you back to Cebu? Xxx

      2. Here is like in the States I guess, all red and flowers, chocolates and balloons. A little extreme to me 😛 Yep, back to Cebu for a week, another week of my beloved sandy beaches of Bantayan before .. Europe! 🙂 Have a lovely day my dear ❤

      3. Wow. Never thought it could be like that. However, it’s a catholic country, isn’t it? Might have helped.
        Enjoy intensely your beach days there.
        I’m asking the sun to stay longer for you here.
        You might be sleeping, so I wish you sweet dreams.
        Enjoy a good cuppa when you wake up and a lovely day! Xxx

      4. Yes it is a very Catholic country, they say they rank #2 right after Brazil. But they are very influenced by the American, who liberated them from the Spanish colons.
        Sipping on my cappuccino, scratching my head for inspiration.. Maybe I should just go for a run instead .. Thanks for the sun rays, it worked 🙂 Have a beautiful day XXX!

      5. Ok, that explains all.
        I am sending more sun rays to you for this Tuesday!
        I did have a beautiful sunny day. Thank you for arranging that for me! 😉

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