Restorative Yoga or how to turn your yoga mat into the most comfy bed !


A yoga teacher once told me « it’s when you need yoga the most that you’ll find all the excuses for not practicing ». Well, I had been busy cleaning my desk, ordering tons of pictures, looking for new recipes…

This morning though, yoga bet Pinterest at coin flipping!

Glad it did ! Carlo introduced us to Restorative Yoga, a practice totally new to me. I am used to the routine of my basic vinyasa, that I have been practicing like a robot those last weeks. I am overthinking my career path, and not knowing where we’ll be in a year can be quite stressful sometimes.Stress Free Zone

The session was everything I needed: eventually silencing my mind by learning how to truly relax. No hands stand, or anything painful or defying (my) gravity here. No effort at all is required, as all the postures are designed expressly to put the body into positions where deep relaxation is inevitable – of both body and mind.

All the postures are done passively, fully supported by blankets and bolsters. The body is perfectly arranged and supported, to experience a real deep rest.

It is meditation done in different positions. As you hold the poses longer and allow the muscles to relax, you can create a space to calm the mind, focusing solely on the breath—or, ideally, on nothing at all. New houseCan you believe that by simply having your legs up the wall, you are giving your heart a rest, so it does not have to pump as hard. You are helping to slow down the heart rates and .. well, check it out by yourself. Give it 5 mn and you’ll start to feel the real meaning of Relaxed.

I realized that my obsession for productivity had deprived me from what I actually needed most : a meaningful rest.  For one hour, my mind eventually managed to get still, I felt my tensions melt away. I can still feel the benefits of the practice, the pain in my back and my neck have disappeared. My shoulders don’t hurt anymore. Last but not least, I got my mojo back!

Find out about the next classes at Love Yoga World.


15 thoughts on “Restorative Yoga or how to turn your yoga mat into the most comfy bed !

  1. My kind of yoga! Doing nothing with only my feet up?. I’m sold.😄And one full hour of time out by yourself, too. No kids to disturb sounds like a grrrrrrreat idea.

  2. That’s the discovery of the decade, seriously! I had no idea I could relax so deeply, ever! Plus as you said, one full hour with no one to disturb, phone forbidden, that’s the utmost freedom. I loved every second of it, and the result is amazing! You should come and check it out, we’ll appreciate our French wine even more after 😛

  3. I’m glad you found this. Try yin yoga too which is also fantastic.
    I started doing yin and Hatha restorative which the objective to relax and sleep better.
    I mix it with vinyasa and Hatha twice a week.
    It’s amazing what it does, isn’t it?

    1. It does wonders, I haven’t slept so well in months, and I still feel fully energized. I am following your example: vinyasa ad restorative, on the mat twice a week. Strangely enough, I don’t feel like procrastinating this time.. Have a lovely day and don’t forget to keep me some of your awesome cake!

      1. I was there today and thought about you.
        I have exactly the same experience.
        No procrastination. I go from Monday to Friday and sometimes on Saturdays.
        The cake is waiting for you!
        When you are back in Europe we wi eat it together with a cuppa!
        Have a wonderful day!

      2. Yay! Don’t take too long. And you’ll laugh about stories on what sometimes happens during yoga classes. Yesterday was one of those days to laugh. I may even write about that.

      1. So nice of you to offer! Actually, the last time I was there I wanted to go to a yoga studio but didn’t know any so I just practiced at home. Thanks! 🙂

  4. This is great! You’ve inspired me to start…I could use some more relaxation and meditation in my life…Thank you for posting this!
    PS the feet against the wall position looks interesting! Who knew about it giving the heart a break! Great!

    1. This yoga is the most relaxing practice I ever ever had. At the end of the class, you feel so lighter, and your brain is so quiet. Like a mental and physical cleansing. Will take you there after the beach. To thank you for the eggplants parmiggina 😀 X

      1. I really have to try this !
        And yes, first the beach …then yoga…and after, a big Italian meal:))))

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