How do you say “Traffic” in Cebuano?


Here is the translation, from Malapascua… Another incredible island of the Philippines, a divers’ paradise.

My kind of traffic, my kind of February 🙂


27 thoughts on “How do you say “Traffic” in Cebuano?

  1. Paradise for non divers like me, everybody is in the water except me, how great is that? I could even read 10 pages of my book. Want me to ask if they do couchsurfing? 😉 thanks for stopping by, enjoy Dubai!

    1. One of those exceptional places that have the power to stop it all. Time, talks, everything. Mother Nature at her best 🙂

    1. I am still waiting for you dear! Should I send one of the boats? The traffic is pretty slow, they should be fast to pick you up!

  2. Hi Ms. Estelea! My WordPress friend started this “101 things about me ” where you can post anything about yourself and tagged your WordPress friend to more about them too. I love reading your post especially when your talking about Cebu . I look forward to your 101 things about me. Thanks 🙂

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