Here comes the Sun…

The Attilas and their parents are having a blast in Bantayan, another Filipino jewel in the Pacific ocean.. I am cooking a couple of (hopefully) nice posts just for you, that I l’ll publish in the upcoming days. Internet is pretty low here, to say the least. Not that I am complaining… it is a great experience to actually talk to people in 4D !

So in the meantime, here is what sunrise means here; and sunset. Let your imagination fills the rest of the day, before my next posts…

More pictures, daily, on my Instagram . See you there too 🙂

20 thoughts on “Here comes the Sun…

  1. Thank you for your posts! It makes me smile seeing and reading stuff about my homeland. I’m glad you and your family are enjoying it there. Btw, did you know Bantayan is known for its “buwad”? You know, that smelly dried fish that we Filipinos eat for breakfast? 🙂

    1. I didn’t know, but I should have guessed.. We visited the fish market today, and there were so many sorts of dried fishes, all silver, very nice actually. My son was mesmerized by the quantities, and when I told him not to take any, he replied “oh no, they don’t too angry, look at their eyes” 😛
      Thanks for your very sweet words 🙂 Your homeland is so inspiring and photogenic! X

    1. I am sharing all those sun rays with you and sending you some of our 30ish degrees 🙂
      Mr Attila is an amazing little yogi, he can almost do the full set up of the sun salutations by himself. At least a few minutes when he is not arguing with his sister…

  2. What amazing shots! And your kids are adorable as they do yoga and remain mindful and thankful…. So sweet!
    Thank you for sharing your paradise with us… Makes me feel warmer just looking at these pics! And I look forward to your future posts!

    1. Thank you 🙂 The little yogi can almost stay focused for 4mn in a row, means so much, especially in the morning, you have no idea 😛

    1. Oh it is there 🙂 You re really living in a beautiful country! We were roasted like Cebuano chicken in Bantayan, in spite of all the sun cream 😛

    1. Thanks a lot ! Bantayan is so beautiful, hurry before the tourists invade the island 😉 our favorite island so far (not that we visited so many, but when you fall in love with one, why visiting more?).

      Your blog is very chic, you are doing great! you made me homesick, when and where will I wear high heels again? … probably not in Cebu or Bantayan 😉 But hey, flip flops are less classy but sometimes more comfy (can’t have it all..) Where do you live?

    1. My fav too actually. I love this precious moment when I ask them the thing they loved the most today. It soon becomes a competition between the kids, till we shush it all with a “Namaste” 🙂 Happy Monday!

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