Carpe Diem !

I decided to postpone my job search for a little while.

I still have a To Do List though and I make sure I always do something every day – preferably something I am great at:

To do list

Sending you all the warmest rays of sunshine all the way from Bantayan!

Have a Grande Week 🙂


17 thoughts on “Carpe Diem !

  1. I love your To Do List!!! I’m glad you scratched off “nothing” from the list!! Carpe Diem indeed:)) Enjoy!

      1. You bet! The gift I would love to have above them all (with the one of time traveling !)

    1. Brrrr… Your town seems to be getting colder by the minute, take good care my dear! You should come here some days, there are a few other nice dogs here who ll be delighted to introduce you to the nice restaurants around. Plus I bet it s been a while since you last had a nap by the shadow of a palm tree, right?

    1. Enormous Hug in return 🙂 We are getting used to colder temperatures in Paris… but far warmer real hugs, so worth it!!!X

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